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  1. Yes, Legoland is open on New Year’s Day. It’s usually very busy on those days. It’s one of the most crowded times of the year.

  2. We are coming from Australia to visit Legoland on a brief stopover. Will Legoland be very busy on Saturday 8th November?

  3. I’d be prepared for it to be busy on that Saturday since it’s a holiday weekend (Veterans Day). I don’t think it will be too crazy though since the holiday falls on a Tuesday this year. Get there early if you can for more manageable lines.

  4. we are trying to decide Sunday October 12th or Monday the 13th, taking rush hour into consideration to get there. Do you think Sunday would be better with no traffic, but more visitors, or Monday with traffic but less park visitors?

  5. I would just fight traffic and go on Monday. Crowds are expected to be very manageable on the weekdays, so you should be able to get everything done easily.

  6. We are thinking of going this Thursday 10/9 or next Thursday 10/16. Crowded??

  7. I don’t think it will be crowded on those dates. Weekdays this month are usually very manageable.

  8. When is the best time to visit when the water park is also open? Planning for next year already for our Lego obsessed four year old. 🙂

  9. I think early June is a good time to go. The weather is warmer and the big summer season crowds aren’t out yet for the first couple weeks of the month.

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