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  1. We are going to be at the LegoLand water park on 10/25. Will it be busy enough to justify renting a cabana?

  2. a high of 85 in California warm enough to enjoy the water park?

  3. I don’t think it will be too busy. It usually isn’t very crowded in October. I think a high of 85 will be fine for the water park. It’s been cool in the morning, but it warms up nicely at around noon.

  4. Hi, we are deciding between 11/11 (Veterans Day, close at 5pm), 12/6 (Sat, closes at 7pm) and 12/8 (Monday, closes at 5pm). Obviously 12/6 is most attractive since it closes later, but do you think it will be super packed? If not that day, 12/8 will likely be less packed than 11/11 right? Any other considerations that I missed? Finally, which of the Saturdays in December is likely to be least crowded? Thanks a lot!

  5. I think December 8 would be best. It should definitely be more manageable than Saturday and a little better than Veterans Day. You should be able to get everything done easily even though the park closes earlier. That said, I don’t think that Saturday will be super packed. It gets busier closer to Christmas, so for a Saturday in December, I think 12/6 would actually be ideal.

  6. Thanks you so much Robert, much appreciated!

  7. Any thoughts on crowd levels Monday, 11/10 and Tuesday, 11/11? Most schools are off for those days – typically what are the crowds like around Veteran’s Day? Would you expect Tuesday to be less crowded that Monday? Thanks!!!

  8. I’d be prepared for it to still be busy, but the bulk of the Veterans Day Weekend crowds usually arrive on Saturday and Sunday. It looks like more schools take Tuesday off, so I think that Monday might be a little more manageable. Get there early!

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