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  1. To say that animals are trapped at SeaWorld and do not want to be there is simply ignoring the facts of what SeaWorld is doing for these animals. Besides what is the difference between what SeaWorld is doing and what every dog or cat owner is doing?

  2. seaworld now and its really great not much lines. sunday night is the call!!

  3. This site is great but only for parks in California. Are there any plans to expand this to the parks in Florida? Please!

  4. You are ignorant. That is propaganda put out by Sea World so stupid people like you think they actually do good. They are a BUSINESS and their sole purpose is to make money. They are not a non-profit or an animal charity. They are owned by a big ugly corporation called The Blackstone Group and they do not give a fig about helping anyone or any animal but themselves, to your money at the expense of animals. The proof, as they say, is in the pudding. Does Sea World keep animals in small enclosures and force them to perform stupid tricks for simple minded idiots like you? Yes, obviously the do. And your argument that Sea World supposedly does good doesn’t negate the fact that what they are doing to these animals is fundamentally wrong. That’s like saying a serial killer shouldn’t go to jail for his crimes because he also donated money to charity. One doesn’t cancel out the other.

  5. whats next when seaworld closes? no way will that be enough for worthless hippies. i think i speak for a large majority when i say, “no one cares about your opinion.”
    they only pretend to do good because of morons like you. you said it, they are a business and their only job is to make money. if you want to do something, make enough money to buy them out, then close it down. but you dont want that: you want someone else to do that because hou are gutless, stupid, or lazy.

  6. its no difference for all the zoo’s around the world and people who have pets, go protest them. SeaWorld does a lot of good and without them many rescues would not be happening!

  7. There is absolutely no need for the insults. I would suggest rather than insulting me that you spend some time looking at SeaWorld and what they do because your statement is not at all accurate.

  8. Glad to see that my favorite park is doing well. Thousands of people supporting an amazing company.

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