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  • Robert

    Crowds at Magic Mountain are usually pretty light in November.

  • Jayline

    Will it be crowded this Wednesday, June 20 ?

  • Robert

    It’s usually pretty busy on weekdays since the summer crowds are already out, but not crazy crowded. Try to get there early.

  • Windsor123

    Going Tuesday last week in august how will the crowds be then thanks

  • Robert

    The summer crowds die down a lot by the end of August. I don’t think it’ll be too crowded on that day.

  • Deezimmerman

    Should we get a Gold Flash Pass for Monday August 6th or will the crowds be light enough?

  • Robert

    Yes, a Flash Pass may be a good idea. The summer crowds don’t let up until late August, so it’s expected to be crowded on that week.

  • Gtxmoney

    Will it be packed if I go on July 4th? 

  • Lee

    SFMM is usually pretty busy on the 4th of July. It may not be super crowded this year though since it’s on a Wednesday.

  • rachel

    I’m planning on going on Saturday August 25th. Do you think I will need a fast pass?