No lines galore on some weekdays
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Early June
Shoulder Season
Avoid Saturdays in June & October
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Late August
Peak Season
Fast Lane Pass will save your life
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Early August

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    Light Crowds?

    Short Lines?

    We are thankful and grateful for the 2020 GOLD PASS ! Cedar Point is an awesome place to visit. This deal that you have going on will no less have a domino effect on the local business! Children and adults a like from all levels of income now Get to visit this really beautiful amusement park for as long as there ❤️ Desires. . GOD BLESS

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    Light Crowds?

    Short Lines?

    Don’t even think about going today!

  3. 1.0
    Light Crowds?

    Short Lines?

    No point in even coming anymore. 2 hr wait to get in the park. 45 min wait for food. Over 2 hour wait for rides . Today people were turned away cuz it was filled to capacity, even after driving 5 hrs to get there. Cedar point , you should be ashamed. WHO CARES IF PEOPLE HAVE A GOOD TIME AS LONG AS YOU GET PAID RIGHT?? SMH, CEDAR POINT YOU USED TO BE TOP DOG, NOW YOU ARE JUST A JOKE

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    Light Crowds?

    Short Lines?

    Had a fast lane plus pass for Saturday October 12th and waited almost two hours in the fast pass lane for top thrill dragster even with fast pass. Half the coasters were down for half the day, crowds were horrendous. Raptor was down all day. Millennium force was 45 minute wait with fast pass, almost rides at least 45 minute wait with fast pass.

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    Light Crowds?

    Short Lines?

    Early am was not bad.. but wife and daughter got in line for steel vengeance at 10:30 am and didn’t ride until 2:30
    I took son to ride others while they waited.. almost all was closed due to “winds”
    Got crazy busy by 4:00 record over 60,000 today ya. Us road 2 rides all day.
    Under staffed, under trained doesn’t even touch the surface. Ever line for food was 45 mins.
    Toots sweets… these poor kids have NO idea what they aired doing in there…no adult supervision… happy fried runs out of ketchup… o straws for icees how is a kid supposed to drink an icee with no straw? No ketchup for hot dogs and fries?

    Haunted houses were pretty good.lines getting long for those too…gold passes means less rides, more $ spent on food, maybe they are on to something.

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    Light Crowds?

    Short Lines?

    Came Sunday before Columbus day as a, hey gotta use that FL+ pass from my season pass renewal. Definitely glad I did that today. Busiest I’ve ever seen the park. Most FL+ lines are at capacity for the stockades or with a line out of them (Maverick and Steel Vengeance) my guess would be doubling FL+ time.

    Definitely not a good time to come if your coming once once or twice in a year but since this was a last hurrah for me, and with the FL+ it’s not bad.

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    Light Crowds?

    Short Lines?

    Way too busy!!!!. Never saw it so busy as yesterday was. They need to figure out when Park is at capacity and let people know not to waste their time. We rode two rides—Magnum—waited about 25 mins at noon, then Valraven which we timed on our phone timer and took 3hrs 45mins. It was 5pm by the time we were done with that one. Our backs and feet were killing us, and to add insult to injury, the whole forcing you to put your backpack in a locker for a three hour stint is infuriating when you can’t even get to it before it expires and you are charged more money due to waiting in their insane lines. We left and rescued what we could of our day—We will not be back.

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    Light Crowds?

    Short Lines?

    Just sat in line on causeway for an hour and 20, still couldn’t even see the rides or the booths to get in. Go home, today is not the day.

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    Light Crowds?

    Short Lines?

    Bought Fast pass Plus bc I travel long distance to get here: Weather was hottish for Sept seemed like, which maybe brought everyone out. First of all Maverick down all weekend. Fri 9/20 Not bad with FP+. SV line maxed out half full. Saturday opened with almost nothing running during the extra hour. We were there 1 hour and rode Skyhawk :(. I think Dragster opened sometime in the afternoon, with 2 blocked seats. We managed one long wait for front row before it went down again for the night. We took a 3pm afternoon break offsite bc the heat and the lines were brutal. The parking lot was full out to the gate, and I was wondering where’d we’ll park coming back…it was the very back at the back of the park.
    SV FP line was out to the entrance when I checked at 8pm. This was my 8th weekend/holiday visit and the crowds were most insane this time. Oddly there didn’t seem to be excess Fastpass wristbands like on labor day, even though they were the same top price. I guess way more locals refusing to pay 4 times admission price. After 11pm it was decent again, and we and 4 other people ended at midnight on Skyhawk’s last run of the night.

  10. 3.5
    Light Crowds?

    Short Lines?

    Sunday 9-15
    Pleasant day. Wasn’t with a fanatic, so we didn’t wait 90+ minutes for Steel Vengeance, but everything else was manageable. Longest we waited was 45 min for Maverick, which is always 45 minutes anyway. 20 minutes for Millennium Force. Nearly walk-on for Gatekeeper, Rougarou, Gemini, Magnum. About 15 minutes for Blue Streak. Food lines looked short, too. Overall, got a surprising amount in for accidentally oversleeping and getting to the park a little after 1. Oh yeah, Dragster was down, but I never get my hopes up for that.
    I honestly don’t know what is wrong with people. “Cedar Point is terrible because there are lines!” Like it is some new thing. I waited 2 hours for Mean Streak. 2 hours for Disaster Transport. Back when there were less than 10 coasters, you had to wait 2 hours for everything. I have never waited longer for Steel Vengeance than I waited for Mean Streak back in the day, and I didn’t even LIKE Mean Streak. We have an awesome park with tons of world-class roller coasters and people freak out that, gee, maybe people go to the park. I don’t like waiting in lines, but I don’t blame the park for doing something wrong. I’m just not going to go on a Saturday in July.
    Also, I have never encountered a rude worker, but maybe that’s because I’m not rude first. I’ve seen plenty of guests berating workers because they insist their precious baby is 48″ when she is clearly not even 45″. And what do you want the person at the parking booth to say when you chew them out for the park being crowded?
    I love Cedar Point. I bought the Wild Card early this year and for the first time, I have a Season Pass with the Gold Card. I have been to Cedar Point more this year than I have ever been in one year in the past.

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