After a nice break from the big holiday season crowds in January and February, the month of March at Disneyland typically marks the start of yet another busy season: Spring Break.

The Disneyland Resort anticipates the Spring Break crowds to start arriving in mid-March, the third week of the month, as park hours are extended on weekdays to 11:00pm (instead of the normal closing time of 8:00pm). Simply put, the later you go in March, the busier it gets. Here’s some of the dates you may want to try to avoid.

Dates To Avoid

Fridays – Disneyland is expected to be crowded on Fridays in March. Typically, crowds start to pick up in the evening hours.

Weekends – Disneyland is expected to be crowded on Saturdays and Sundays as well. If you must go on a weekend in March, aim for the first or second weeks of the month to avoid some of the Spring Break craziness.

Last week of March – Park hours for both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure are extended starting on the third week of the month, which means that large crowds are expected. Disneyland starts closing at midnight on the last week of March, as the resort gets set for the brunt of the Spring Break crowds coming up in April.

March Crowd Calendar

For the forecast of crowd levels of any day in March, be sure to check out the Disneyland Crowd Forecast Calendar.

For real-time updates and information on current crowd levels and conditions at the park, check out the Disneyland Live Crowd Tracker.

Have you gone to Disneyland in March? How were the crowds? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.

Image: Space Pirate Queen

  1. Wow, I can’t believe people were tweeting it was empty at Disneyland onTuesday, November 1st. There were people everywhere on both sides of the park. The wait for cars ride was over an hour. Yes, I know it gets a lot busier, but when you’ve based your whole vacation on that ghost town status- I was sorely disappointed. ? Decided not to upgrade to annual passes. Too many people!

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