When is Six Flags Fiesta Texas least crowded?

The second Six Flags park in Texas (the other being Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington), Fiesta Texas features 50 rides, including 8 roller coasters. The park is located in San Antonio and also includes White Water Bay, a separate water park.

So when exactly is the best time to go to Fiesta Texas? The park is open from late March through January, and some days are busier than others. Here’s what the crowds look like throughout the operating season.


Opening Day – Six Flags Fiesta Texas opens for the operating season on the first weekend of March, and crowds are usually manageable for the opening weekend.

Spring Break – Schools in the area are out for Spring Break in mid-March. That means the park is open all week and it’s typically packed. Crowds are lighter on the weekends after Spring Break, especially on Sundays.


Weekends – Fiesta Texas is open on weekends in April, and crowds usually aren’t too bad. Sundays are least crowded.


Weekends – It’s not the summer season just yet. The park is open on weekends in May, and Sundays are again your best bet for lighter crowds.

Memorial Day Weekend – Fiesta Texas starts opening daily after Memorial Day. It’s typically very busy over the three-day weekend. The park is open for a few weekdays before the holiday weekend and after Memorial Day, so try to go on those days for a lot less crowds.


Summer Season – Six Flags Fiesta Texas is open everyday in June for the summer season crowds. The earlier you go in June, the better. Crowds start to pick up by the second week of the month. Weekdays are still busy, but usually less crowded than the weekends.


4th of July Weekend – The summer crowds are out in full force by July, and it’s typically very crowded for the 4th of July holiday.

July is the busiest month at Six Flags, so there’s really not much relief from the summer crowds. If you must go, avoid the weekends.


Weekdays – August marks the end of the busy summer season. More schools get back in session throughout August, so the later in the month you go, the less crowded it will be. Go on weekdays for smaller crowds.


Labor Day Weekend – Six Flags Fiesta Texas gets crowded for the three-day weekend. Try to arrive early.

The park is only open for a couple weekends after Labor Day, and it usually isn’t very crowded.


Fright Fest – Fright Fest takes over on weekends in all of October. Attendance to the Halloween event is highest on Saturdays. Try to get there early in the day for more manageable crowds.

November – December – January

Weekends – Fiesta Texas is open for the first few weekends in November, and crowds are typically light.

Holiday in the Park – The holiday event starts on Thanksgiving Weekend and into January. Crowds are typically light to moderate, but do start to pick up after Christmas and into New Year’s Eve. Fiesta Texas is closed on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

How were the crowds the last time you visited Six Flags Fiesta Texas? When do you think is the best time to go? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

Image: SETmariposa

  1. I’d still be prepared for it to be fairly crowded (around 30-60min waits is the norm). Get there early!

  2. I went to Six Flags in ARLINGTON on Mother’s day many years ago, and was SHOCKED! NO LINES AT ALL! I rode every roller coaster, multiple times, and could often get off the coaster, walk around, get back on without ANY line. I probably should have just asked “can I go again”, but there were usually just enough people to load all the cars each cycle, so I didn’t bother.
    Mother’s Day will always be the day I chose to go to an amusement park in May.

  3. How busy do you think the park will be during Columbus Day since the prices are so low?

  4. I don’t believe it’s been too crowded for that holiday in past years. I’m thinking it will be manageable.

  5. We are going to the park Dec. 29th. Do you think it’s worth the money to buy the Flash Pass or the crowds want be large enough to worry about it?

  6. I’m thinking Flash Pass would be helpful on that day. A lot of the holiday season crowds are usually out then. You can also just wait until you get there to see what the lines are like before buying it or not.

  7. I am going this friday (may 25) morning and staying all day. How long do you think the lines will be??

  8. I don’t think it will be too bad (around 30min waits or so).

  9. Just want to thank you for your advice on when to go in October. The 14.92 price tag was tempting on Columbus Day, but decided to wait it out, and got a good price for Friday. Went early in the day, and OMG, like you said, ghost town. Kept walking up and getting on rides. Amazing!

  10. I’m planning on visiting six flags either on Saturday February 2nd or Sunday February 3rd, any idea on how crowded it might be or which day is better ?? Thanks !

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