Things have been awfully quiet at Disneyland lately.

Guests have been reporting flat-out “empty” crowd conditions, with little to no lines for many rides and attractions these last few days. Is a measles outbreak that began at Disneyland really affecting park attendance?

There are now over 50 confirmed cases of measles linked to people who visited “the happiest place on earth.” Health officials say the first patients of the highly contagious disease were all visitors of either Disneyland or Disney California Adventure between December 15 and December 20, which was also the week crowds at both parks started to spike for the busy holiday season.

A typical packed Main Street during the holiday season, December 13.
A typical packed Main Street during the holiday season, December 13. victoriaslegecy

The following two weeks (December 20-January 2) was the busiest time of the year at the resort, with Disneyland routinely reaching maximum capacity and closing its gates to guests until crowds were just a little less unbearable.

Yeah, not fun. It simply wasn’t the best time to go to Disneyland, with or without the measles in the air.

Ever since the measles outbreak hit the news, we’re been receiving many questions from users wondering if it will affect the crowds at the parks at all. Seriously. We get the same questions every time Disneyland raises their ticket prices. Is there really a measles scare keeping people away from Disneyland?

An empty Main Street, January 15.
An empty Main Street, January 15. yazzel_

It’s the same answer: no.

Not right now at least. The measles outbreak isn’t making the lines any shorter, but you really don’t have to worry about long wait times this time of the year. The holiday season is over and schools are back in session, so there’s always a very noticeable drop in park attendance in January.

Weekdays after the holidays are historically some of the least crowded days of the year at Disneyland. The Crowd Forecast Calendar just about always rates these days as “Ghost Town” dates. Short lines and light crowds are simply the norm around this time.

Short wait times are normal after the holiday season, January 23.
Short wait times are normal after the holiday season, January 23. AshleyRobinsonL

So, don’t be surprised if the wait time for Space Mountain is only 10 minutes these next couple of weeks.

It’s not the measles. It’s just the off-season.

  1. We love going to Disneyland this time of year. It’s always empty, with a measles outbreak or without one!

  2. The outbreak has not scared us away from Disneyland at all. Me and my kids are all vaccinated. We are looking forward to enjoying the short lines.

  3. Lies. I have yet to see the park empty. I don’t know what people constitute as Ghost Town, but what I have seen, that’s not it. 🙁

  4. Disney has got to be concerned with the measles outbreak making national news and scaring visitors away, especially those with infants who can’t be vaccinated yet. Even employee are catching the disease now. It’s such a shame that it has come to this.

  5. I work at Disneyland and I can tell you that a lot of guests are concerned about the measles. We’ve been getting calls everyday from future guests wondering if they will be okay even if they are fully vaccinated or if their infants will be safe. It doesn’t look like there are more reservation cancellations than usual right now, but that could change. It is something that management is worried about with Spring Break season coming up…

  6. Disneyland is quagmire of filth and disease

  7. my family and i went there on Christmas and it was packed with so many people from other countries who do not get vaccinated, so it is really irresponsible for the press to say it is Americans that are not getting their children vaccinated when the park was full of people from all over the world, some even wearing masks on their faces. I was vaccinated and yet at age 17 was exposed to the measles and still got it. so vaccinations are great, but they are not 100 percent guaranteed.
    if you live in fear then you will never do anything. and I cannot wait to get back to Disneyland. Wonder why the news has only blamed people that live in this country not all the other people that travel from around the globe, i live in vegas and that too is a global destination.

    And Disneyland is very clean and the cast members there are always cleaning up and doing a great job. they go out of their way to help you. unfortunately Christmas time was too crowded but i know to never go there again during that time. love it there.

  8. I work at one of the Disneyland Resort hotels and word is that there have been “a few” cancellations from Guests who said that they didn’t want to risk going to the parks because of the measles scare, but it’s not really that big of a deal. I don’t think it’s having any noticeable effect on attendance right now. Holidays are still booked like usual.

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