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  • Mel

    Disneyland crowds today were insane!!!!!!!!!

  • Kingster

    The rain really scares the crowds away. Short lines!

  • Cam

    It’s been raining all day, but Disneyland is still crowded! 🙁

  • F4tales

    Disneyland crowds are pretty bad today.

  • Anonymous

    If your trying to get to disneyland now… turn back now… tickets have been sold out

  • Leb

    Disneyland is packed right now! They are only allowing annual passholders or people who already have tickets in.

  • Drunky

    Yeah, it was crazy crowded tonight! I hope it won’t be like this next week…

  • Saint55

    Disneyland is SOLD OUT!

  • Dragster

    Disneyland is really packed right now. They are not even letting anyone inside 🙁

  • Wfyer

    Disneyland is not too crowded today.