1. i want to go to Disneyland on this Sunday, and the calender says its going to be all right. Is that true?

  2. It hasn’t been too crowded lately, so I’m thinking it won’t be too bad. Get there early!

  3. Can you add six flags great america to your live crowd trackers. . .

  4. Please add SixFlags over Georgia to live updates. My family attends frequently with Season Passes and would be happy to give updates all day to help others.

  5. This would be nice to have for the Toledo Zoo and cedar point amusement park.

  6. How is six flags great America Gurnee on September 24th

  7. We would like to go to Six Flags Dec. 9th for our anniversary… should I get a flash pass? Is the meal ticket a good deal as well? What is the weather like at that time?

  8. Got any ideas for best deal for one day ticket at Six flags? Triple A seems to have a good deal right now for $51.90 pp…

  9. Hey! Which Six Flags? If Magic Mountain, I’m thinking Flash Pass won’t be necessary on that day. I’m not really a fan of the food inside the park, so I’m not sure if it’s worth it or not. The weather is usually a little chilly around then.

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