If you go to Disneyland on the wrong day in May, you will probably regret it.

May at Disneyland is one of those months where the day you decide to visit can make or break your trip. The busy Spring Break season is over by this time of the year, but it’s now the summer season crowds that quickly descend on the Happiest Place on Earth this month.

There are, however, some days that are better than others — and some days that you’re better off avoiding altogether. Let’s take a closer look at what to expect at Disneyland and Disney California Adventure in May.

Yikes! This is how crowded Disneyland can get in May. CAmobile

Here are the Best and Worst Days to Go to Disneyland in May:

Best & Worst DaysCrowd Forecast
MONDAYS (first two weeks)Weekdays on the first two weeks of the month are most manageable
TUESDAYS (first two weeks)Check Calendar for best dates
WEDNESDAYS (first two weeks)Check Calendar for best dates
THURSDAYS (first two weeks)Check Calendar for best dates
MEMORIAL DAY WEEKENDDisneyland is historically manageable on the holiday weekend
Grad Nite daysThe event draws big crowds. Check Calendar for Grad Nite dates
Late MayThe summer season (and Grad Nite) crowds are out before and after Memorial Day Weekend

Disneyland Crowd Calendar

We recommend going early in May to catch the tail-end of the post-Spring Break off-season. If you must go on weekend, Sundays early in the month are your best bets — or just go on Memorial Day Weekend.

If you’re planning on visiting Disneyland around mid-May, be sure to check the Crowd Calendar to stay away from those Grad Nite days.

Crowds/Attendance in May

Disneyland is historically manageable on Memorial Day Weekend. xanderiot95

May marks the start of the summer season, so unless you go during the week very early in the month, you won’t find many “Ghost Town” days at Disneyland this time of the year. Attendance is moderate to high this month, with Grad Nite days on Fridays and Saturdays being most crowded. Here are some things to keep in mind when visiting the parks in May:

1. Avoid Grad Nite days!

When we say avoid Grad Nite days, we really mean it. Avoid them like the plague, especially on Fridays and Saturdays. The Grad Nite events draws large high school groups to both Disneyland and California Adventure (attendees have admission to both parks all day). The result? Massive crowds and long lines!

The Grad Nite events traditionally start on the first Friday and Saturday of May, with additional events during the week by mid-May. Check the Crowd Calendar for the exact dates. It’s best to go on the weekdays in-between Grad Nite days if you can.

2. The earlier you go in May, the better

After the Spring Break season ends in April, there’s a short “off-season” before the summer season crowds take over. So, it’s best to go as early in May as you can. By mid-May, there are more Grad Nite days and more schools out of session. The summer season crowds are usually out in full swing by the last week of the month.

3. Memorial Day Weekend isn’t that crowded
Memorial Day Weekend crowds, where are you? xanderiot95

You heard that right. Just because it’s a holiday weekend, doesn’t mean that Disneyland is going to be packed. The parks have actually been manageable over Memorial Day Weekend (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) in recent years. The reason? All annual passes (except the highest tier) are blocked out. On top of that, there are no Grad Nites that weekend either, so it’s historically a great time to visit.

Lines/Wait Times in May

For the shortest lines at Disneyland in May, go on a weekday on the first two weeks of the month (earlier is better). Around 20min waits is the norm then.

Grad Nite days on Fridays and Saturdays in May historically have the longest waits of the summer season, with 60-90+min waits on average. Grad Nites during the week tend to be more manageable (around 60min waits). Non-Grad Nite weekdays in mid-May are mostly manageable (30min waits).

If you’re planning on visiting over Memorial Day Weekend, expect a nice break from the long Grad Nite lines. Around 30min waits (sometimes even less) has been the norm in past years.

Weather in May

Perfect weather for a stroll-er parking lot. sapiamaia

The month of May in Southern California is a pretty mild one. It’s not quite summer, so there usually isn’t sweltering heat to worry about yet. Temperatures during the day are in the mid-to-high 70°s to low 80°s on average. In the evening, temperatures are in the 60°s on average. You also generally don’t have to worry about wet weather this time of the year. Rainy days are rare in May.

Have you been to Disneyland in May? What was your experience like? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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Best & Worst Days to Go to Disneyland:

  1. We went on the Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend and it wasn’t that crowded! The lines weren’t very long as well, so we got to get mostly everything done.

  2. Were we at the same Disneyland? I was there all weekend and was very disappointed in how crowded it was. Thought the crowd calendar forecast here was optimistic and it was. The only thing that made Saturday and Sunday bearable in our opinion was purchasing Max Pass. Lines for the major attractions weren’t bad in the morning, but wait times were easily an hour or more by midday. At the peak, you’d have to wait 20 minutes just to ride Snow White which is pretty awful for that attraction. I admit I have been at Disneyland when it was more crowded and you could barely navigate through Orleans Square, this past weekend wasn’t quite that congested, however, in no way would I call Saturday or Sunday “Hey, It’s Alright” or “Best Bet”. I should have trusted my instincts over the information on this site. Friday was quite manageable and I would go again on the day before Memorial Day weekend, provided the So Cal discounted hopper expires again the day before.

  3. The Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend isn’t very crowded, but Memorial Day itself (Monday) was a little busier. Overall, it’s surprisingly a good time to visit considering how crowded other theme parks (Universal, Knott’s) are during the holiday weekend.

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