If you’re planning on visiting Disneyland in April, expect big crowds and long lines — unless you know when to go.

Just like in March, the month of April is a relatively busy time at the Disneyland Resort. With the popular Spring Break season still underway, many days out of the month are usually packed, but that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck. You can still avoid the big crowds and lines altogether. It’s all about going at the right time, and if you pick the right day to go, a manageable experience at Disneyland in April can be achieved.

Let’s take a closer look at what to expect at Disneyland and Disney California Adventure in April.

Main Street on a busy day in April at Disneyland. Chachalina55

Here are the Best and Worst Days to Go to Disneyland in April:

Best & Worst DaysCrowd Forecast
EASTER SUNDAYEaster Sunday is historically manageable
TUESDAYS (except week before/of Easter)Mid-week, except for the week of Easter (or the week before Easter), is the best time to go to avoid peak Spring Break season
WEDNESDAYS (except week before/of Easter)Check Calendar for best dates
THURSDAYS (except week before/of Easter)Check Calendar for best dates
Week before EasterThe Spring Break season crowds are usually out on the week before Easter Sunday. Check Calendar for best dates
Easter WeekThis is usually peak Spring Break season. Many schools are out of session this week, so avoid it if you can

Disneyland Crowd Calendar

Mondays and Fridays (except for the week before/of Easter) also tend to be manageable, but crowds on Fridays do usually pick up in the afternoon. Keep in mind that peak Spring Break season also varies in the month April depending on what week Easter Sunday falls on.

If you must go during the Spring Break season, check the Crowd Calendar for the best dates to go.

Crowds/Attendance in April

Disneyland usually isn’t very crowded on Easter Sunday. brergnat

Be prepared for moderate-to-heavy crowds at Disneyland on most days in April, with the bulk of the crowds arriving around Easter. The only “Ghost Town” days on the Disneyland Crowd Forecast Calendar usually fall on weekdays at the very last week of the month. By then, the Spring Break season is over as most schools will be back in session. Here are some things to keep in mind when planning a trip to Disneyland in April:

1. Avoid peak Spring Break

Here’s where it may get a little confusing. Peak Spring Break season in April varies from year to year because the date of Easter Sunday changes every year (it can fall anywhere between March 22 and April 25). We recommend checking out the Crowd Calendar to get an idea of when the peak Spring Break season crowds will arrive.

In general, the further away from Easter, the better. If Easter Sunday falls in mid or late April, however, it’s usually safe to go on the week right afterwards since schools don’t normally go out of session so late in the month.

2. Avoid going around Easter (Easter Sunday is okay!)

That said, the week of Easter should be avoided (no matter what week it falls on). Many schools are out of session on this week, so attendance usually spikes then. If you must go that week, Easter Sunday itself is historically most manageable.

3. The later you go in April, the better (usually)

By the end of the month, mostly all schools are back in session and attendance to the parks drops, so it’s usually ideal to go during the week in late April. The only exception to this is if Easter happens to fall late in the month, in which case that week should be avoided.

Lines/Wait Times in April

The long security lines at the Disneyland parking structure. dlandfan67

Expect moderate-to-long waits for the rides most days out of the month, with the longest lines during peak Spring Break. On the weeks before or of Easter, be prepared for 60min or more waits on average. The lines on Easter Sunday, however, tend to be much shorter (around 30min).

If you’re going in mid-April (and it’s after Easter week), the waits are usually manageable (around 30min). Mid-week (Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday) in late April is historically when the lines are shortest, with waits sometimes only 10-20min on average.

We highly recommend arriving at the parks early (at opening if possible) to take advantage of the shorter lines in the morning. By noon, Disneyland is usually packed and the waits will be longer.

Weather in April

April brings great weather (and crowds) to Disneyland. Chachalina55

As far as the weather is concerned, the month of April is a great time to visit Disneyland. It tends to be “just right” (not too hot, not too cold) in Southern California during the spring, with cool mornings/nights and mild daytimes. Temperatures in April are in the mid 70°s to 80°s on average. A rainy day or two is possible, but usually rare this time of the year.

Have you been to Disneyland in April? What was your experience like? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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Best & Worst Days to Go to Disneyland:

  1. This year Easter Sunday will be on April 1st, I can see that all the forecast was written with Easter week and Easter Sunday in April. Does this change the story?, I’m planning to go on the last weekend of April (saturday 29th and sunday 30th). Thank you.

  2. I think Easter being so early works in your favor since the Spring Break season crowds will be gone by then. I’d still be prepared for it to be a little busy, but Saturdays around then have been manageable in the past.

  3. Thanks for all the wonderful information. I have a question about to Easter Week 2019. I am well aware that the weeks Before and after Easter are usually very busy .

    I am wondering about if that stays true when is Easter is very late in the season like it is in 2019 on April 21st.

    We have frequently gone this week in the past and have thought the crowds were very manageable. We booked our time share for April 20th to April 27th 2019, before realizing it was Easter.

    I checked a few other crowed calendars and some show it is light and other say its packed.
    Hoping that you can provide me some advice!

  4. I’d be prepared for it to be fairly crowded since there always seems to be some schools out during the week of Easter no matter where it falls. The good news though is that most schools in the area have their Spring Break on the week before or earlier in the season, so I don’t think it will be too crazy then.

  5. I am planning our first trip to Disneyland the week of April 1st through the 5th. i hope this will be a good week. it is my wife and kids first time. Do you think this will be a great time to go? Also will be my Daughter’s birthday.

  6. I think that will be a good week to go. Most of the Spring Break season crowds are expected to arrive either before or after then.

  7. We went that week back in 2017!! It wasn’t bad at all. If I could give you advice spilt Disneyland in two days unless your going longer then three but we went four days and spilt Disneyland up so we didn’t have to rush and went on our favorites rides more then once then did California adventures in one day get those fast passes early unless you get the max passes!! Also don’t forget her birthday button she will get extra attention with it on 😊 you guys will have a blast and if you have extra time the bouqtie where they dress the girls up like princesses may cost a lot but so worth it all!! Enjoy your trip we will be there the same week

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